NACO Award

These courses introduce students to the fields of law enforcement, court systems, and correctional system. It will provide students with a broad base of courses not typically offered in high school. This is an opportunity for in-depth experience and study in specific areas of interest. Students will explore academic and career information in corrections, courts, law enforcement, emergency management, forensic science, and juvenile justice. Additionally, students will have the opportunity for studies and certifications in other law-related fields, e.g. Public Safety (911) Telecommunicator, CPR & AED, and Federal Court Teen Discourse Program.


The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment as a dispatcher: police, fire, ambulance. Student must meet the required 232 hours (CJ2 and CJ3 courses) prior to certification completion.

This course is to introduce the student to the history, goals, and career opportunities in the Criminal Justice Profession. It also covers ethics and professionalism, constitutional and criminal laws, the court and trial process, the juvenile justice system, and the correctional system. Students will have an educational opportunity to tour the St. Lucie County Jail.

This course is to introduce the student to the characteristics and procedures of patrol, complete written reports, and crime prevention programs. Students will also describe guidelines for Use-of-force, perform CPR/ first aid, and procedures to protect from Blood-Borne pathogens. Students will begin the Public Safety Telecommunicator required 232 hours of certification training. Students will obtain CPR/AED emergency certification and have an opportunity to participate in the U.S. District Court Teen Discourse session.

This course is to introduce the student to crime scene safety, conducting criminal investigations, conducting forensic processing, and complete property control procedures. Students will conduct a traffic crash investigation completing the proper report forms. Students will complete the 232 hours required training to obtain Public Safety
(911) Telecommunicator Certification. Additionally, students will have met the State of Florida DOE, Career Pathway requirements; and qualify for nine college credits under the Criminal Justice program articulated agreement.

Fort Pierce WEST Prep Magnet offers many different Criminal Justice classes such as

Criminal Justice 1 (CJ1)
Criminal Justice 2 (CJ2)
Criminal Justice 3 (CJ3)
911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Certification

In addition to the opportunities above students may achieve the 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator, Florida Department of Health certification.

Students will explore academic and career information in

Law Enforcement,
Emergency Management,
Criminal Investigations,
Forensic Science,
Juvenile Justice
and 911 Public Safety Telecommunication.

The Criminal Justice program at Fort Pierce Westwood Academy provides students with the skills needed to succeed in a career in the Criminal Justice field.

Criminal Justice Community Service Project

The WEST Prep partnered with St. Lucie County Public Works and adopted Avenue Q – 33rd Street to Angle Road, including Panther Lane.

The Adopt a Road partnership is where students and staff volunteer to own a road and be responsible for its upkeep and cleanliness.

Teen Discourse Program hosted by the U.S. District Court

“We would like to give a huge Panthers Roar to the Honorable Judge Rosenberg for her efforts in successfully implementing a high school Civics Education course for the first time outside of Washington, D.C.  Of course, there’s no better place but St. Lucie County to be afforded this groundbreaking opportunity. Judge Rosenberg hosted our schools for a day at the federal court; she had a professional drive to do more for our school communities. We thank you!”
“We could not have participated otherwise without the U.S. District Federal Public Defender’s professional leadership and guidance, Panayotta Augustin-Birch. She supported Judge Rosenberg’s vision and made it a reality & great success for both high schools! ” – Ms. Mildred Brown