Fort Pierce Westwood Academy’s Health Unit Coordinator program offers a sequence of courses that prepare students for education and careers in the Health Science career field; The program is designed to prepare students for employment as a health unit coordinator. Student learning includes management, planning, finance, technical and production skills, underlying principles of technology, community issues, health, safety, and environmental issues. There are simulated practice labs with standard equipment and supplies used in a health care facility by the health unit coordinator. Students will also complete clinical learning experiences as part of this program.

Areas of study:

  • Designed to prepare students for employment as health unit coordinators or clerks.

  • Transcription of physicians’ orders.

  • Planning, management, finance, technical, and production skills.

    Students gain real-world experience through contact hours in clinical settings at local health science facilities.   These facilities include:

  • Cleveland Clinic

  • Tiffany Hall Nursing Home

Industry Certification includes:

  • Certified Health Unit Coordinator

About Health Unit Coordinator

Course Progression:
Year 1: Health Science Anatomy and Physiology (1.0 credit) study the structure and function of the human body, pathophysiology and transmission of disease
Year 2: Health Science Foundations (1.0 credit *potential for CMAA and CPR certification) learn in-depth knowledge about the healthcare system and related occupations
Year 3/4: Health Unit Coordinator I and Health Unit Coordinator II (2.0 credits) a two-part vocational course that will enable students to develop knowledge and hands-on skills in the role of a health unit coordinator
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Labs
HUC simulation experiences and clinicals

What it will lead to:
CEHRS Certification
Applicable to all healthcare fields and careers
Various work environment opportunities (hospitals, outpatient facilities, doctor’s offices, etc.)

Dr. Garcia – Instructor

I love spending time with my family, helping others, traveling and I am a lifelong learner
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)- NSU
Master of Science in Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN- FNP)-NSU
Bachelor of Science in Nursing- Registered Nurse (BSN-RN)- UCF
Associate Degree in Nursing- Registered Nurse (ADN)- IRSC
Associates in Arts (AA)- IRSC
More than 10 years of experience in healthcare. Experience includes various outpatient and inpatient care settings.

“I aspire to capture the attention of inquisitive students of the health sciences to inspire them to always be the best individual that they can be and to one day be a successful professional that takes initiative and accountability while applying forward thinking and compassion to their chosen profession in healthcare.”