Jill Willette, Athletic Director – jill.willette@stlucieschools.org

Carol Raffensberger, Clerk – carol.raffensberger@stlucieschools.org

School phone: (772) 468-5474

Requirements from the FHSAA for the 2020-2021 School Year:

There are three videos that must be watched by students turning in an athletic packet.  The students name must be printed on each certificate of completion and all three must be presented when turning in the athletic packet.  All three videos are free and can be found at www.nfhslearn.com

The three videos are: Concussion for Students, Heat Illness Prevention and Cardiac Arrest

Coaching Staff- Contact Information

Fall Head Coaches:

Volleyball-  Kim Cunningham  kim.cunningham@stlucieschools.org

Swimming-  Lisa Sciscente  lisa.sciscente@stlucieschools.org

Bowling-  Kim Norcia  kimberly.norcia@stlucieschools.org

Cross Country-  Veryl Moore  veryl.moore@stlucieschools.org

Boys Golf-   Tim Howard   timothy.howard@stlucieschools.org

Girls Golf-   Barbara Ball   barbara.ball@stlucieschools.org

Winter Head Coaches:

Boys Basketball-  Tony Seabury   tony.seabury@stlucieschools.org

Girls Basketball-  Wendell Adams   Wendell.adams@stlucieschools.org

Boys Soccer-   Jay Stewart   jay.stewart@stlucieschools.org

Girls Soccer-  Donald Logue   donald.logue@stlucieschools.org

Wrestling-   Jacob Pryor   jaybazookaline@gmail.com

Spring Head Coaches:

Baseball-  John Boltersdorf   john.boltersdorf@stlucieschools.org

Softball-   Roger Mathews  mathewsr@bellsouth.net

Track-  Wendell Adams   wendell.adams@stlucieschools.org

Tennis-   Lisa Hevner   lisa.hevner@stlucieschools.org

Girls Flag Football-   David Perry   david.perry@stlucieschools.org


Athletic Director-  Jill Willette  jill.willette@stlucieschools.org