Mr. Veryl Moore, Athletic Director

(772) 468-5474

2024-2025 Athletic Paperwork is now available online at
All paperwork work must be completed online, no physical paperwork will be accepted.
The athletic office will be closed for the summer through July 22th.

2024-2025 Athletic Packet

Coaching Staff- Contact Information

Fall Head Coaches:

Volleyball –  Mr. Lucas Neves

Swimming –  Mr. Evan Sonne

Bowling –  Ms. Kim Norcia

Cross Country –  Mr. Veryl Moore

Boys Golf –   Mrs. Maria Peterson

Girls Golf –  Mrs. Barbara Ball

Winter Head Coaches:

Boys Basketball –  Mr. Tony Seabury

Girls Basketball –  Mr. Wendell Adams

Boys Soccer – Mrs. Jennifer Bart

Girls Soccer – Mr. Donald Logue

Boys Wrestling –   Mr. Kevin Carter

Girls Wrestling – Mrs. Jaime Labbe

Spring Head Coaches:

Baseball – Mr. Harvey Lee

Softball – Ms. Ashley Langel

Track –  Mr. Wendell Adams

Tennis – Mrs. Barbara Ball

Girls Flag Football –   Mr. David Perry

Spring Sports Calendars