September 2018

Greetings Greyhound Nation,

The 2018-2019 school year is off to an “OUTSTANDING” start! Positive energy filled the campus on the first day of school as students were greeted in LPA fashion with our traditional “New Year’s in August” celebration. Students were cheered by the entire “Staffulty” and received a warm welcome to kick off the new year.

In keeping with our philosophy of “One School; One Team; One Theme,” we will continue to work collaboratively to ensure students succeed at every level and we increase student achievement. This year’s theme, “So All Can Learn,” will be the focus of our work. Our goal is to ensure we meet the social and emotional needs of all our students, so they can flourish academically. We will also continue to strengthen our school culture and climate through our collaborative efforts and partnerships with all our stakeholders.

As always, thank you so very much for all your support. We look forward to another remarkable year filled with positive relationships and meaningful learning opportunities for us all.

“One School; One Team; One Theme”


Henry Sanabria


Treasure Hunter