Jason Albert – Department Head for Arts and Technology

Mr. Albert is the head of the Arts and Technology Department at LPA. It is his responsibility to ensure all aspects of the this program run smoothly, from lesson plans to testing.

Department Personnel

Jason Albert, High School Band and IB Music – jason.albert@stlucieschools.org

Caroline Duran, Art – caroline.duran@stlucieschools.org

Savannah Forbus, Drama – savannah.forbus@stlucieschools.org

Laura Hopkins, Orchestra – laura.hopkins@stlucieschools.org

Dhahran James, Technology – dhahran.james@stlucieschools.org

Matthew Karram, Middle School Band and Exploring Music – matthew.karram@stlucieschools.org

Alan Mathison, Adobe Cape Academy Teacher- alan.mathison@stlucieschools.org

Sean McGraw, Art – sean.mcgraw@stlucieschools.org

Brittany Posten, Pottery – brittany.posten@stlucieschools.org

George Rahming, Chorus – george.rahmingjr@stlucieschools.org