• Login to Skyward to check your graduation requirements.  Check daily to assist in earning high grades.
  • Record and keep track of your credentials ( CTE certifications, awards, volunteer hours, etc) You will need this for your college applications, essays, scholarships, letters of recommendation as a senior.
  • See Ms. Cetin in Room 332 for the Community Service/Work Form Information.
  • Make sure you have taken at least one or currently enrolled in a CTE/DE/AICE/AP course.
  • Prepare and take the PSAT. PSAT in 11th grade is one of the requirements for the National Merit Scholarship Program.
  •  Login to Skyward daily to check grades and assignments. Higher GPA’s qualify for more opportunities.
  • Attend  career and college nights to speak with representatives.
  • If you are an athlete being recruited or a possible recruit by the NCAA and/or NAIA, make sure you have registered with their clearinghouse and make sure you are track with their academic requirements.
  • If you failed a core class required for graduation, meet with your counselor ASAP to develop a plan to get back on track for graduation.
  • Need a fee waiver for the SAT/ACT or NCAA/NAIA clearinghouse? Complete the free/reduced online lunch application to see if you qualify.
  • Interested in the Military? Explore Today’s Military
  • Research Careers and their post-secondary education requirements.  Florida Shines or  Mynextmove.org
  • Take Advantage of the IRSC Online Career Coach–Discover majors and in-demand careers and education based on your interests!


  • Stay involved with school activities. Pursue leadership roles and make a commitment. Continue to turn in community service hours monthly to JAG Services.
  • Keep grades up, continue to check Skyward and talk to your teachers, a high GPA is important.
  • Review PSAT via Khan Academy. Use the free personalized SAT prep via Khan to prepare for the school day SAT. High test scores are needed for a lot of colleges and scholarships including Bright Futures.


  • Sign and participate in the College Board Big Futures Scholarship Program.

    You could Earn $500 and $40,000 Just by Planning for College

  • Take the School Day SAT in March, it’s free.
  • Focus on current grades, finish the year strong to help your GPA.
  • Pick senior classes based on future career and/or college planning goals.
  • Once SAT scores are received ,link scores  Khan Academy to study so you can improve the next time.
  • Make a plan to visit college campuses in the summer.
  • Find a job or participate in a summer camp or summer college program


  • Check application deadlines for college applications. Start the application process. Apply online directly to the university or see if they use common application.
  • Complete any summer reading assignments for high school classes enrolled in for Fall.
  • Check Skyward to make sure your grades have been posted and check your graduation requirements.