• Login to Skyward to check your graduation requirements.  Check daily to assist in earning high grades.
  • Record and keep track of your credentials (CTE certifications, awards, volunteer hours, etc) You will need this for your college applications, essays, scholarships, letters of recommendation as a senior. Use this information to build your resume in Xello.
  • See Ms. Cetin in Room 332 for the Community Service/Work Form Information.
  • Make sure you have taken at least one or currently enrolled in a CTE, AICE, Dual Enrollment, or Blueprint for Professional Success course.
  • Use the College Board Bluebook to prepare for the Digital PSAT/NMSQT.
  •  Login to Skyward daily to check grades and assignments. Higher GPA’s qualify for more opportunities.
  • Attend the St Lucie Public School’s College Fair in the Fall.
  • If you are an athlete being recruited or a possible recruit by the NCAA and/or NAIA, make sure you have registered with their clearinghouse and make sure you are track with their academic requirements.
  • If you failed a core class required for graduation, meet with your counselor ASAP to develop a plan to get back on track for graduation.
  • Interested in the Military? Explore Today’s Military
  • Research Careers and their post-secondary education requirements.  Florida Shines and  Xello.
  • Complete the following tasks on Xello:
    • Save 3 potential careers after completing the matchmaker career interest inventory.
    • Use Xello resume builder, include all of your nonacademic activities (sports, work, community service, clubs, etc) and any academic awards.
      • Does your future career require additional education? If so, explore the colleges, universities, or technical schools that offer the additional education for your future career. Start deciding which schools you apply to, their admission requirements, and application deadlines.


  • Stay involved with school activities. Pursue leadership roles and make a commitment. Continue to turn in community service/work hours form into Ms. Cetiin in room 332.
  • Keep grades up, continue to check Skyward and talk to your teachers, a high GPA is important.
  • Utilize the tools on the College Board SAT and Preparation website for studying and practice tests to prepare for the School Day SAT in March for juniors.


  • Sign and participate in the College Board Big Futures Scholarship Program.

    You could Earn $500 and $40,000 Just by Planning for College

  • Take the School Day SAT in March, it’s free.
  • Focus on current grades, finish the year strong to help your GPA.
  • Pick senior classes based on future career and/or college planning goals.
  • You can utilize the tools on the College Board SAT and Preparation website for studying and practice tests if you are going to retake the SAT.
  • Make a plan to visit college campuses in the summer.
  • Find a job or participate in a summer camp or summer college program.


  • Check application deadlines for college applications. Start the application process. Apply online directly to the university or see if they use common application.
  • Update your resume on Xello.
  • Complete any summer reading assignments for high school classes enrolled in for Fall.
  • Check Skyward to make sure your grades have been posted and check your graduation requirements.