Getting Started with Xello

  • Xello is Florida’s official, K-12 career planning and work-based learning coordination provider. Xello empowers every student to design a personalized plan for the future by providing a high-quality career development experience that’s modern and visually appealing, interactive, and age-appropriate. It has been professionally translated into Spanish and can support other preferred languages. Full Florida functionality in Xello starts fall of 2023. In the Xello platform, students can:
    • Build personalized profiles to display their interests, skills and abilities.
    • Take career matching assessments to guide and motivate exploration.
    • Explore their options by reviewing career profiles, labor market data and postsecondary training opportunities.
    • Set both short and long-term goals and track their progress with academic course planning and managing the college application process.
    • Prepare for the world of work by developing a professional resume and creating shareable portfolios and applying for local work-based learning opportunities.
    • Continually learn, reflect, and re-assess their plans with the support of built-in college and career readiness lessons.
  • Students, you will use this link to access your Clever login page for Xello Career Planning.
  • Explore Your Future with Xello
  • Overview of Xello Dashboard
  • Start Your Career Adventure with Xello
  • Understanding Your Career Matches
  • Building a Resume 

Explore Xello and Start Building Your Personalized Plan

  1. Explore careers that match your personality style.
    • Complete the Matchmaker Assessment
    • Complete the Personality Style Quiz
    • Explore the possible career options, save 3 careers you like.
  2. Complete the Exploring Career Factors lesson to discover which priorities may influence your career decision.
  3. Complete the Getting Experience lesson to explore how to make the most of your experiences and how to get work-related experience.
  4. Complete Study Skills and Habits lesson. Build the skills and habits to succeed at school.
  5. Use the Xello Resume Builder and start adding your information.
    • Watch the Building Resume Tutorial
    • Update your resume using the Xello Resume Builder tool on a regular basis.