Thinking about volunteering? Not sure if it’s worth your time? Well, think again! Your four years of high school are the perfect time to volunteer. Although it may seem difficult to find the time to volunteer some time toward a cause that offers no monetary payment in return, the benefits you’ll draw from the experience may end up being worth more than what you make working that part-time job. Whether you’re a freshmen or a senior, it’s never too late to look into volunteer gigs – although if you’d like to use your community service experience as leverage on a college application, the sooner the better. In fact, many scholarships (including Bright Futures) require a certain amount of volunteer hours (100+) to be completed in order to be eligible! they look good on your resume, for colleges, and for future jobs.

Please see below to learn how to get started as a volunteer. Be sure you are following the appropriate directions based on where you are volunteering. Students are responsible for finding their own volunteer hours. See your School Counselor for assistance.

Volunteering at any St. Lucie Public School (including PSLHS):

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with any school in the county, including Port Saint Lucie High, you must apply online (directions below) and on paper (application attached). Turn in your application to Mrs. Strickland in Jag Services. You must also turn in your hours monthly to Mrs. Strickland (it is your responsibility to keep track of your hours).

  • Online Application:
  • Click on the blue & white tab that says “VOLUNTEER” to the right
  • Scroll down where you see a picture of a female holding an orange & white sign that says, “VOLUNTEER TODAY!” and click on the second link that says, “Click to register to be a volunteer.”
  • Click on “Click to view current job openings.”
  • Click on “Search for posted positions.”
  • Scroll down and check volunteer box.
  • Click on “apply for selected positions.”
  • New users will need to create a profile.
  • Follow the steps on the application.
  • When the application is finished, click “Submit to HR.”
  • You will need to upload a photo of yourself onto your application.
  • After entering and submitting your application, your information will be verified. Allow up to ten days for clearance and check your application online periodically.

Volunteering at any other organization:

If you are volunteering off campus, you do not need to fill out any applications. You must bring in your hours monthly to Mrs. Strickland in Jag Services. Hours should be listed on a document that includes the organization’s letterhead, your name, the number of hours you volunteered, and your supervisor’s signature.