The History of Port St. Lucie High School

Port St. Lucie High School opened to grades 9 – 11 in August 1989 with an enrollment of approximately 1500 students. Students from Ft. Pierce Central and Ft. Pierce Westwood were reassigned to Port St. Lucie High.

Our first phone number was “337-GRRR”

Our first administrators

Charles Cuomo, Principal
Barbara Horton, Assistant Principal, Curriculum
Wayne Gent, Assistant Principal, Activities
Gloria Johnson, Assistant Principal, Facilities

Other “firsts”

Randy Lockey, Dean
Isaac Jones, Dean
Jeff Miller, Director of Guidance
Roger Dorio, Athletic Director
Joann Koppenhoefer, Principal’s Secretary
Frances Millar, Bookkeeper
Debra McPheron, Computer Operator
Chris Miller, Library Media Specialist
Rick Ferrante, Audio-Visual Media Specialist
Bonnie Martz, Library Clerk
Ray Cooke, Site Maintenance Foreman
Barbara Kelly-Burns, Guidance Counselor
Bonnie Stanley, Guidance Counselor
Shay Kraft, Guidance Counselor
Roger Mastrantonio, Head Football Coach

Original staff members still working at Port St. Lucie High School

Liz Lecher – ESE Support
Patrick Madden – Drama
John Picchiarini – Drafting

Current teachers and staff who graduated from PSLHS

Johnnie Rhoden
Cory Allen
Kareem Rodriguez
Samuel Villari

School Alma Mater

Port St. Lucie, Alma Mater
School we love so well
Let each loyal son and daughter
Loud your praises tell

Time and faith will bear us onward
Scatter us afar
Let the lessons you have taught us
Be our guiding star

Red and Black our royal colors
Reaching for the sky
We will always love and cherish
Port St. Lucie High…

We will always love and cherish

School Fight Song

Port St. Lucie Jaguars, we are winners all the way
Black and Red our colors shine
Our team is here to stay

We have spirit, honor, and might
When we hustle, we do it right
Jaguars are NUMBER 1!
All hail Port St. Lucie High!