Athletic Mission Statement

The athletic program fields teams in the FHSAA for both Boy’s and Girl’s. Port St. Lucie High School competes for championships in bowling, cheerleading, cross country, football, swimming, golf, volleyball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, weightlifting, baseball, softball, tennis, track and flag football. The Athletic Department holds the philosophy that the athlete’s most important tasks are pursuit of personal growth through academic work, team experiences and development of a sense of ethical responsibility. The department recognizes that its primary commitment is education of the student-athlete.

Our Vision Statement

Port St. Lucie High School aspires to be the premier high school along the Treasure Coast.

Our Core Values

Student Athlete Experience- We provide an environment that promotes personal, academic, athletic and social development.

Integrity- We are honest, respectful and accountable.

Excellence- We maximize our efforts and talents to ensure the success of Jaguars.

Respect- We value the importance of diversity, fairness, goodwill and sportsmanship.

Jaguar Pride- We support an atmosphere that embraces school spirit, honors tradition and develops Jaguars for life and sports!

Our Hall of Fame

Name Year
Kelly Dillon 2003
Richard Ankiel 2003
Karen Geisenger 2003
Rupert Blackwood 2003
Larry Green 2003
Thetlan Detry 2003
Jason Casiano 2003
Nick Briley 2006
Darrell Wright 2007
chris Young 2007
Mario Rinaldi 2008
Jon Coutlangus 2008
A.J. Rinaldi 2009
Brian Foster 2009
Habrews Josue 2009
George Keyzer 2010
Brian Sullivan 2010
Jason Harrison 2010
Nathan Bowerman 2010
Jenifer Gartin 2011
Phil Raurabaugh 2011
Mike McGee 2011
Chad Durick 2011
Rachel Etienne 2012
Andrew Durden 2012
Marquis Mack 2012


The True Facts about College Athletic Recruiting

College Athletic Recruiting: Everyone wants to give advice and everyone believes they know all the answers!

Finally, a program that does just that! It gives the answers in a straightforward, no nonsense, entertaining 50-minute presentation.

We have made an investment as a community to provide our student-athletes and parents with information about playing college athletics. This event is designed for every high school parent and their student-athlete. If your son or daughter truly has aspirations to play at the college level, this is a “can’t miss” event.

The Realities of College Athletic Recruiting
Presented by Jack Renkens
Port St. Lucie High School – Media Center
Thursday, December 07, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Former college coach and recruiting expert, Jack Renkens has helped thousands of families around the country head down the right path of finding scholarships. Often it’s down a path they didn’t know existed.

Any doubts or reservations about attending? Simply check the Recruiting Realities website.