Guidance Team

The Counseling Department of TCHS assists students in developing a realistic picture of their progress in relation to their potential. The school counselors provide academic, social, and career advising through classroom visits, small group counseling, and individual counseling. We also assist with orientation services, consultation with parents and teachers, college and career information, referral services, coordination of standardized testing, and assistance to students parents, teachers, and other professionals in providing a sound education program for all students. Counselors assist in confidential manner with personal, academic and career information when requested.

The complete planning and scholarship guide is available at the Foundation Web site and click on SCHOLARSHIPS. For additional information please contact the St. Lucie County Education Foundation office at (772) 429-5505.   For more information on available scholarships, please click this link.

Mrs. Chalonda Parham

Alphabet: A-Carr

Ext. 5477

Mrs. Stacy Sommer, Director

Alphabet: Cars-Fa

Ext. 4586

Brandon Reese
Alphabet: Fe-Hoo

Ext. 5467

Mrs. Jennifer Scionti

English Language Learners A-Z

Ext. 5479

Ms. Alicia Young

Alphabet: Hop-Marf

Ext. 5471

Mr.Gregory Hutchinson

Alphabet: Marg-Pic

Ext. 5470

Ms. Sarah Korta

Alphabet: Pid-Soz

Ext. 5468

Brian Welch

Alphabet: Sp – Z

Ext. 5465

Ms. Leilani Ankiel           

Graduation Coach

Helpful Links

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ACT Information – School Code 100646, Test Center # 226690