The purpose of the Criminal Justice Academy (CJA) is to prepare and introduce students to a wide array of employment options in Criminal Justice.

Students can explore careers from Crime Scene Investigator (CSI), Forensic Psychologist, Law Enforcement Officer, FBI to Lawyer. Students in the Criminal Justice Academy gain hands-on experience working with the Department of Juvenile Justice through Diversion Programs such as Teen Court.   CJA students learn to integrate Science, math, English and other subjects with their class tasks. They will have a very strong understanding of how these subjects integrate with real life situations. Students who graduate from the CJA are well-rounded and high achieving citizens.

Our students represent the future of Justice

Students successfully completing the Criminal Justice Academy are eligible for up to 75% tuition assistance at a State College upon graduation. Please refer to Florida Bright Futures for details on this scholarship.

Criminal Justice Operations 1

This course is designed to introduce students to the fields of Law Enforcement, the Court System and the Correctional System.

Criminal Justice Operations 2

Students will develop competencies in Patrol, Traffic Control, Defensive Tactics and physical Proficiency Skills, First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skills. Criminal Justice Operations 3

This is an advanced course designed to aid the development of competencies in Crime and Accident Investigation, Procedures, Forensic Science Tasks, Crime Prevention, and Property Control Procedures.

Criminal Justice Operations 4

This is an optional course. This course emphasizes application of skills and affords students the opportunity to demonstrate their career interest in Criminal Justices. Students will enhance and apply instructional competencies learned in the classroom with the internship/volunteer experience.  Students may work on or off campus under an approved Criminal Justice office.  Students may also earn Industry .  *Students must provide their own transportation to and from the worksite.

Articulation Agreement

Graduates from the Criminal Justice Academy program at Treasure Coast High who demonstrate competencies outlined in the course curriculum, may receive as many as 9 semester hours of credit toward their college degree at IRSC and Keiser University (contact school career counselors for details).

*Students enrolled in the Criminal Justice Academy are also encouraged and recommended to partake in Career and Technical Student Organizations such as: SkillsUSA (SkillsUSAfl.Org) and Florida Public Service Association (FPSA). Students involved in such Organizations have won College Scholarships and Industry related equipment and prizes.

For more information, please contact Mr. Allcroft.