All students must dress out for their physical education class.  A TCHS PE shirt must be purchased individually in PE classes for, $10.00 a shirt. Students are required to obtain a shirt in order to begin dressing out, and receiving credit. You will also need sneakers and socks. Every day that you have PE, you are required to wear the TCHS PE shirt only. No other shirt is allowed for dress out credit. For shorts, they must be basketball style shorts or loose fitting sweat pants. Ladies: No soffe style shirts, no leggings, no tight fitting shorts or pants.

Locker Room:

  1. You must be in the gym before the late bell finishes ringing
  2. You will have eight (8) minutes to dress out. When you are dressed, you may enter the gym.
  3. All money, electronics, and jewelry MUST be locked in your locker.  DO NOT leave anything lying out.  Neither the Physical Education Department, nor Treasure Coast High School, is responsible or liable for any personal items unsecured during classes or during after school activities!!!
  4. You will be given ten (10) minutes to change at the end of the period. When you are dressed, you will enter the gym and wait on the wood floor until released by teacher.
  5. You can only choose a small or medium locker in the locker room. Do not use the large lockers for PE classes.
  6. You have a locker during your PE class period only. You must remove your locker and all of your belongings when the bell rings for your next class.

PE Procedures:

  1. When you leave the locker room, have a seat in your assigned spot.
  2. Do not get up until your teacher releases you.
  3. All students will dress out and participate in motor skill assesments.
  4. For students who did not dress out:

● if your class is inside, you will sit on grey tile.

● if your class is outside, you will sit inside the basketball court against far fence designated by teacher

5.    If you are in the lobby without teacher permission, you will receive a referral.

6.    If you hear a whistle, you must stop what you are doing and freeze. Listen to teacher instructions. If you choose not to follow whistle and teacher instructions, you will receive a referral.

Penalty for being late to class or leaving the PE area without a pass:

  1. If you are late for roll call the penalty will be the same as our school tardy policy.
  2. For an unexcused tardy, you will receive a “0” for your daily grade.
  3. For an EXCUSED tardy, you will NOT be able to Dress Out, therefore, you will receive an alternative assignment in order to receive points for the day. *(You are allotted only 3 excused tardies. After 3, you will then receive zeros.)*
  4. Stay with your class and your teacher. You are considered “Skipping” if you are not in the appropriate area. (ie. Your class is on the field = you’re on the field)

Grades for activity classes (not Personal Fitness):

  1. Plan to dress out and participate everyday unless instructed otherwise, in advance.
  2. A non-dress or non-participation will result in a loss of points per occurrence.  Too many of these will result in a failing grade.
  3. General Motor Skill Assessments are 80% of grade.( Each dress out grade is worth 50 points per day or 33 points)*
  4. Specific Motor Skill Assessments are 20% of grade. (Dress Out grade is worth 100 points for that day)

*can change due to number of class days in the week* 

Tardy Policy & Absences:

  1. First 2 tardies will be documented as warnings, and the third will result in a referral.  Every tardy thereafter will result in referrals.
  2. Students, who accumulate excessive absences and/or ISS-OSS, will receive phone calls home, and notified by their appropriate Dean.
  3. An alternative assignment, in the form of a SPORT or Health Related Article and typed paragraph summary, must be turned in NO LATER than the second day back after an absence(excused or unexcused).

– One article for everyday that you are absent(excused or unexcused).


  1. If you’re unable to fully participate in class due to a medical condition, it must be documented by a doctor’s note, stating your limitations.  Please make sure your doctor’s note is specific.  Written assignments will be issued.
  2. Your teacher will evaluate notes from your parents regarding minor health problems.


  1. ABSOLUTLY NO FOOD, DRINKS, OR GUM ALLOWED IN THE GYM.  This includes ANY opened items including items in backpacks.
  2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Staying in the assigned area is required.
  4. Be on time.
  5. Respect others and their belongings.
  6. Come to class prepared.  This includes PE uniform!


  1. Verbal Warning.
  2. Call home or conference/Notify appropriate Dean.
  3. Referral to dean’s office.

* If a severe disruption occurs, a referral will be written and given to an Assistant Principal.*

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In order for this plan to have its greatest effect, we need your support! Your student will have this document explained to him or her extensively during the first week of school; this will ensure students are clear, and questions are answered prior to dressing out, and beginning activities. Please, discuss and review the syllabus with your student. As always, we appreciate your continued support. 


The Athletic Department