The Titan PE Department is dedicated to providing interactive and engaging curriculum for our students. We offer a variety of activities to engage students in a well rounded Physical Education Experience.


  • Students are expected to dress out and participate every day in class.
  • Students must have access to Canvas and TEAMS 
  • If you’re unable to fully participate in class due to a medical condition, it must be documented by a doctor’s note, stating your limitations.  Please make sure your doctor’s note is specific.  Written assignments will be issued.
  • You may be excused from participation for 1 week with a note from home. If you need to be excused for more than 1 week, the note must be from a doctor detailing how long you are to be excused and/or limitations.


  1. ABSOLUTLY NO FOOD, DRINKS, OR GUM ALLOWED IN THE GYM.  This includes ANY opened items including items in backpacks.
  2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Staying in the assigned area is required.
  4. Be on time.
  5. Respect others and their belongings.
  6. Come to class prepared.


  1. Verbal Warning.
  2. Call home or conference/Notify appropriate Dean.
  3. Referral to dean’s office. * If a severe disruption occurs, a referral will be written and given to an Assistant Principal.*


TCHS Physical Education Department


*Updated 08.07.23