2019 -2020 School Year

Senior Portraits 2019-2020 school year

As an incoming senior, you should receive a postcard in the mail with a special code on it. When you receive that card, click the link below and it will take you to register for an appointment. If your address is incorrect in our system, then you will probably not receive the postcard.  If you have not received your appointment card 2 weeks prior to the date you want go to the Appointment section of the site and get your login code (link below). This will allow you to see the dates available to you. If you have troubles logging in, please call the Senior Department for help at

(888) 224-5045.

September 21      9 am – 3 pm  School Auditorium

October 12          9 am – 3 pm  School Auditorium

FAQs about Senior Portraits

1. When I go to the online site to schedule my appointment, it asks for an access code. How do I get my access code?
If your address is correct in our school system, you should have received a postcard from Leonards with an access code on it. If you did not receive this postcard, please call (888) 224-5045 for instructions. PLEASE follow those instructions on the recording.
2. Something has come up and I need to change my appointment. What do I do?
Please call (888) 224-5045, listen to the recording and follow the instructions. If you are signed up for a June 14 or 15 appointment and can’t make it, it’s important to cancel the appointment to free it up for another student.
3. I want to schedule my appointment for the June 14/15 or July 19/20 dates and I have my access code. When I go on to sign up, those dates don’t come up. What’s wrong?
If you are trying to sign up for June 14/15, the appointments are full.
You will need to wait for the July 19/20 dates.
If you are trying to sign up for July 19/20, the dates will not open for sign up until about 2 weeks before that (About the first week in July).
4. Can I just walk-in?  While this is possible, you must realize that you will not have priority and will have to wait until they get to you. It is best to schedule an appointment.
5. If you have questions about Senior portraits, please EMAIL Ms. Stark:
stephanie.stark@stlucieschools.org or call (888) 224-5045. Please DO NOT text back on remind. Ms. Ankiel and Ms. Landry do not have answers for you. Ms. Stark will get back with you. Your best bet is to call the number above with questions directly involving the photo sessions.
*It is very important to try and get your photos done during our summer sessions, if possible. Do not wait. These photos will go in the yearbook. We DO NOT take photos from other companies for the yearbook. You will have the opportunity to purchase packages online or at your session. There is a sitting fee of $15.00 for your photos that is due upon arriving for your photos.

Click here to set up your appointment.

Book My Senior Portrait

Underclass Portraits (9-11 grade) 2019 – 2020

Aug 21-22

Sep 25 Make ups

Senior Baby Photos – class of 2020

We will be taking photos both digitally and hard copy.  If you are delivering hard copy baby photos, please place the photos in an envelope. On the back of the photo and ON THE ENVELOPE, put the student’s full name and a teacher’s name of whom you want them delivered back to. If you do not have a teacher on campus, then write FRONT OFFICE. Drop them off at Ms. Stark’s classroom (1C-160).

If you are sending via email: Scan (do not take a photo of a photo) at 300 ppi and send as a JPG. In the subject line, please write the student’s full name.

Receiving photos from September 3- October 16.

Yearbook Purchases



2020 Yearbooks will be on sale as of 9.03.2019! Please visit: yearbookforever.com to purchase your yearbook.

Previous Years:

Here is what we have in stock, should you be interested in purchasing what we have in reserve.

2017 – 2018 School year: 20 books – $50

2018 – 2019 School year: 13 books – $120

*These will books will be available for purchase at the beginning of the the 2019-2020 School year.

Ms. Stark: stephanie.stark@stlucieschools.org

September 3, 2019 – November 1, 2019: $90.00

November  1, 2019 – January 15, 2019: $98.00

January 15, 2019 – March 2, 2019: $110.00

March 2, 2019 – End of year (after the 15th, cash only) – $120.00