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Scholarships:  Paying for your future

Where can you find scholarships?

There are so many scholarships available (YAY!); but there is no “one stop” shop.  Therefore, it is important to know some of the common avenues to explore in order to find scholarship opportunities. Below are some of the more common avenues; as well as, scholarship tips to remember on this journey:

Scholarship Search Engines/Websites

*FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

  • Available October 1st (Senior Year)
  • Apply each year you are in college
  • FAFSA lets you know what grants, loans and student work study you are eligible for

*Bright Futures Scholarship

*St. Lucie Education Foundation Scholarships

-Available January 2021: St Lucie Foundation Scholarships (click here)

*IRSC Foundation Scholarships

-Available November 2020: IRSC FOUNDATION (CLICK HERE)

*Check with the college/university you are apply to

  • Many schools have scholarships available through their admissions office, foundation, and/or financial aid office.
  • Call those offices or explore their websites

*Check with your parent(s)/guardian(s) employer

-Some companies have tuition assistance available to employees and their children/dependents or offered a company scholarship


  1. Keep the deadline in mind (set reminders in your phone, put them on your calendar, write them in your planner)
  2. Do NOT ignore the smaller scholarships…they add up and may have less competition
  3. Double-check everything…. typos, grammar, requirements, supplemental items needed
  4. Ask around
  5. Be aware of scams
  6. Personalize your applications and essays….be passionate