Biotechnology is the use of living organisms, cells and biological molecules to solve problems or make useful products.

Health Care                                Biopharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Medical Devices

Agriculture/Aquaculture              Crop Yields, Pesticides, Fertilizers

Waste Management                    Wastewater, Treatment, Bio-Remediation



The Curriculum

Industrial Biotechnology I:

Students will learn about the history, benefits, career opportunities, cell structure and function, law and ethics, experimental design, safety procedures, solution preparation, basic equipment, DNA Isolation/Analysis, sterile technique, culturing microorganisms, environmental monitoring, data analysis, documentation and communication.

Industrial Biotechnology II:

Students will learn about transformation, culture scale-up, recombinant proteins, production of proteins, protein quantification, filtration and purification, ELISA, PAGE, Western/Southern Blot, PCR, Assay Development, quality control, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and product marketing.

Industrial Biotechnology III:

At this level, it will be CTE credit only. Students will experience independent design and implementation of student projects, simulating employment in a biotechnology-based industry and utilizing industry partners.

CERTIFICATION:  Biotechnician Assistant

Statewide Articulation

Santa Fe College, Gainesville

Florida State College, Jacksonville

Hillsborough Community College

Palm Beach College, Palm Beach

Miami-Dade College, Miami

Indian River State College, Ft. Pierce

Seminole CC (Dual Enrollment)

Tallahassee (complete at SFC)