Below are the active clubs for 2022-23.  Have an idea for another club? First, find a teacher willing to sponsor the club. After that, the teacher will need to contact the appropriate administrator to make arrangements for the club!



Meeting Day



Academic A Team Maxwell Friday 1:50-3:00 1W219H
Artisans Art Club Bass Wednesdays 1:45-2:30 1-161C
Astronomy Club Lazar Teams 2:00-3:00 Teams
Book Club Young every two weeks Monday 1:45-2:30 Media
Choppa Leadership Choppa Monthly Tuesday B lunch 4-113
Creator’s Club Bracken Thursday 2:00-3:00 1W-131
Crystal Club Kula Thursday 1:45-2:30 4-101
Cyberpatriot Golden Monday 2:15-3:15 1-126
Drone Club Golden Wednesday 1:50-4:00 1-126
Dungeons & Dragons Club Smith (Matt) Fridays 2:00-3:00 1-124
First Priority Barreto Monday 1:50-2:50 1E 232
Future Business Leader of America Choppa Monday Thuirsday 2:00-3:00 4-113
Gaming Club Babkie Tuesday & Thursday 2:00-3:00 3-119
Gardening Club Lazar/Spaulding Thursday 1:50-2:30 1-151
Gay Straight Alliance Posso Every other Monday 1:50-3:00 3-111
HOSA Redic 3rd Tuesday of the month 2:00-3:00 1-211H
Industrial Biotechnology Club Williams Monday Thursday 2:00-3:00 1-237C
Investment Club Choppa Wednesdays 2:00-3:00 4-113
National Honor Society 2:00-3:00
National Science Honor Society Cowan/Parham Every other Tuesday 2:00-3:00 2-107
National Techical Society Choppa Monday 2:00-3:00 4-113
Psychology Honor Society Bracken Monday 2:00-3:00 1W-131
SAVE Cline 2:00-3:00 1-216
Spanish Honor Society Garcia First Friday of the month 2:00-3:00 4-217
Student Council Barreto Wednesdays 1:45-3:00 1-232E
TC Thespian Posso 1st Wednesday month 2:00-3:00 3-111
TCHS Brazilian Jiu Jitso Club Bartkowiak Mon/Thurs 1:45-3:00 weight room
Tech Club Posso 1st Wednesday 2:00-3:00 3-111
The Literature Society Myron/Homer Every other Monday 2:00-3:00 Media
Titan Bass Fishing Comeau/Larson Friday 1:45-4:00 1-229E
Titan Robotics Lazar/Larson Mon/Thur/Friday 1:50-2:30 4-205