Our interdisciplinary curriculum allows students to take an active part in their learning. Students learn by doing, being actively engaged in direct hands-on experiences and by seeing things happen. The goal is to make learning understandable and enjoyable for all students.

  • A school climate with a strong academic emphasis happens daily.
  • Kids at Hope philosophy exists across our campus that All Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!
  • We continually seek the best research based educational practices for the growth of our students.
  • Clearly articulated learning goals will be supported each day in the classroom.
  • Reading across the curriculum is established and maintained daily.
  • Instruction is planned and delivered  each day following state expectation supporting college and career readiness.
  • CAST is staffed with dedicated, caring and experienced professionals.

We are a Kids at Hope School

Kids At Hope

What is Kids at Hope? It is a belief that all children are capable of success, no exceptions. It is a commitment to all children, at every age, stage, and grade level. It is a culture where adults believe in children, connect with them, discover their talents, and help students develop dreams and goals for the future. This is what hope is all about!

Kids at Hope is based on three universal truths:

  •  We believe that all children are capable of success, no exceptions.
  •  We connect with all children in a meaningful, sustainable way through relationships called Aces.
  • We time travel by teaching children to mentally time travel to their future in four destinations (areas) of life: Home & Family, Hobbies & Recreation, Community & Service, Education & Career.

Kids at Hope is a community-wide movement that includes local government, law enforcement agencies, daycare centers, recreational facilities, and countless other organizations in St. Lucie County. St. Lucie Public Schools proudly partners with the Roundtable of St. Lucie County to provide a strong school-community partnership that keeps Kids at Hope going.