Dance Instructor

NameEmail AddressGrade / Title
Gavoni, Vincia N.vincia.gavoni@stlucieschools.orgAssistant Principal
Hauck, Liezylliezyl.hauck@stlucieschools.orgKindergarten
Benton, Rebeccarebecca.benton@stlucieschools.orgKindergarten - STEAM Advocate
Long-Lundy, Latikalatika.long@stlucieschools.org1st Grade
Smith, O'haraOhara.smith@stlucieschools.org1st Grade
Bell, Sheilasheila.jones-bell@stlucieschools.org2nd Grade
Simmons, Tionnetionne.simmons@stlucieschools.org2nd Grade
Voke, Lindalinda.voke@stlucieschools.org3rd Grade
Roti, MaryMary.Roti@stlucieschools.org3rd Grade
Denman, Christelchristel.denman@stlucieschools.org4th Grade
Wyatt, Amberamber.wyatt@stlucieschools.orgMiddle- Math
Albers, Jilljill.albers@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 6th Science
Broderick, Oliviaolivia.broderick@stlucieschools.org5th Grade
Church, Grade
Barnes, Aaronaaron.barnes@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 8th Science
Curtis, Sarahsarah.curtis@stlucieschools.orgElementary Dance
Kenny, Shelleyshelley.kenny@stlucieschools.orgMiddle-ELA
Battle, Tanishatanisha.battle@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 8th ELA
Proctor, Rebeccarebecca.proctor.stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 6th Math/Science
LeBon, Johnjohn.lebon@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 6th Social Studies
Phillips-Hill, Melissamelissa.phillips-hill@stlucieschools.orgESE Student Support Specialist
Johnson, Jamesjames.johnson@stlucieschools.orgInstructional Coach
Kenney, Hannahhannah.kenney@stlucieschools.orgSchool Counselor
Rampone, Brittanybrittany.rampone@stlucieschools.orgSchool Assessment Specialist
Rahming, WallaceWallace.Rahming@stlucieschools.orgMiddle Grades Vocal
Cruz, Jonathanjonathan.cruz@stlucieschools.orgVisual Arts
Swabon, Anneanne.swabon@stlucieschools.orgVisual Arts
Chevlin, Sandonsandon.chevlin@stlucieschools.orgBand
Irwin, Dr. Kathrynkathryn.irwin@stlucieschools.orgElementary Music
Athill, Lillianlillian.athill@stlucieschools.orgMedia Specialist
Grasso, JaimeJaime.Grasso@stlucieschools.orgGraphic Art
Reiher, CharlesCharles.Reiher@stlucieschools.orgMedia Arts
Guess, Chadguess.chad@stlucieschools.orgInstrumental Music
Mobley, Lisalisa.mobley@stlucieschools.orgElementary Theater
Murphy, Meganmegan.murphy@stlucieschools.orgDance
Cruz, Heatherheather.cruz@stlucieschools.orgGr. 7th - Math
Saint-Jacques, Deborahdeborah.saint-jacques@stlucieschools.orgExecutive Secretary/Bookkeeper
Jerger, Barbarabarbara.jerger@stlucieschools.orgFood Service Assistant
Martin, Paulapaula.martin@stlucieschools.orgFood Service Cook
Champagne, Janettejanette.champagne@stlucieschools.orgFood Service Manager
Johnson, Tommietommie.johnson@stlucieschools.orgMaintenance Plant Manager
McCloud, Millisamilissa.mccloud@stlucieschools.orgMaintenance Worker
Faleri, Marisamarisa.faleri@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 8th ELA
Clancy, Jennyjenny.clancy@stlucieschools.orgFine Arts Specialist
Frazier, KeyawannaKeyawanna.Frazier@stlucieschools.org8th Gr. - Math
Edwards, Jeweljewel.edwards@stlucieschools.org8th Gr. - Social Studies
Megnauth, Jasonjason.megnauth@stlucieschools.orgPE
Whitehead, Alyssealysse.whitehead@stlucieschools.orgESE
Whitaker, Chasechase.whitaker@stlucieschools.org7th Gr. - Civics
Johnson, Cherisecherise.johnson@stlucieschools.orgESE paraprofessional
Reid, Dr. Lori Annelori.reid@stlucieschools.orgPrincipal
Tyler,Sabrinasabrina.tyler@stlucieschools.org4th grade
LeBon, Johnjohn.lebon@stlucieschools.orgMiddle-Social Studies
Dallas, Helenhelen.dallas@stlucieschools.orgMiddle- ELA/Social Studies
Brown, TiaTia.Brown@stlucieschools.orgDean

The dance program at CAST is designed for students who demonstrate a natural ability and high interest in dance. Students are introduced to a wide range of dance experiences and activities that deepen their knowledge and skills as artists and performers. Students will develop a strong dance vocabulary from which creativity, interest and personal success are cultivated.
Our mission is to develop technically proficient dancers who are versatile, thoughtful, and inquisitive. Guided by professionals in the field, our dancers train in classical ballet, modern and jazz styles, and cultural dances from around the world. Through daily classes, rehearsals, and performances, our dancers develop creativity, discipline, and perseverance.
Mrs. Megan Murphy (3-8 Dance Instructor) come to CAST as highly qualified dance experts who enthusiastically provide dance instruction that teaches fundamentals of dance through advance level.
Field trips and other guest teachers enhance the students’ growth in arts and academics. Every dancer will have opportunities to highlight their talents throughout the year through multiple dance performances.

Elementary (3rd-5th Grade)

Elementary Dance Course Description and Requirements

Elementary dance classes will focus on developing coordination, strength, flexibility, motor and cognitive skills, and articulation of feet. Each class will offer exercises that are developmentally appropriate to the age of the student. Our goal is to facilitate growth of the student’s inspiration to dance, move, and be creative while instilling appropriate postures and movement patterns that will be layered upon as they progress in their other dance classes. Each week your child will participate in a variety of styles including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, tap, acro, and modern.

If your child chooses dance as one of the areas they would like to further develop, they will attend dance class daily for a 45-minute block. Specific dance shoes and attire will be needed for practice along with costumes for performances. Therefore, each student will need to contribute a $75.00 supply fee for the year to off-set the cost of required items. This fee will need to be paid before the end of August to allow time for our items to be ordered and shipped. To ensure these items are uniform, they will be purchased by the dance program. In addition to the fee requirement, students will have a minimum of two mandatory dance performances/recitals during the school year. These rehearsals and performances will be a large part of the grade the student earns for the course.

Middle School

Middle School Dance Course Description and Requirements

The student will understand dance technique terminology, definitions, and step descriptions and student will be able to execute steps with appropriate dance techniques. The student will understand principles of choreography and the emotional intent behind movements and will be able to perform choreography in its entirety with proper technique and musicality.

A costume rental fee (purchasing costumes, accessories, laundering garments, performance tights and any unforeseen costs) of $75 will be due by October 4, 2019. This can be broken up into smaller payments if needed. Student’s attendance to the performances are MANDATORY as part of their grade.