Musical Theatre

Mr. Wallace Rahming –

Musical Theatre Course Description and Requirements

CAST Vocal Arts Handbook

The musical theatre program at CAST is under the direction of Mr. Wallace Rahming. Mr. Rahming brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm as he shares his talent and expertise in the area of vocal instruction and musical theatre has provided students with a myriad of experiences in the musical theatre world.
The goal of the musical theatre program is to provide a rigorous educational experience in the disciplines of dance, music, and drama. Students in the department will study various dance techniques, vocal styles, acting styles, theatre history, audition skills, stagecraft, backstage production techniques, specialty skills from guest artists, critique skills, choreography, music theory, rehearsal techniques, and performance techniques. These artistic mediums also include life skills, time management, and social skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to see our CAST on stage throughout the school year.

Creative Arts Academy proudly presents the CAST Musical Theatre Department. Our mission is to create and maintain a comfortable environment where people feel safe to make artistic risks and make mistakes without being judged or ridiculed. Our goal is to produce quality productions within a family-like atmosphere filled with awesome people and lasting memories.