Media Arts Instructor

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Reynolds, Nirobianirobia.reynolds@stlucieschools.orgBIC Monitor
Thompson, Ramonaramona.thompson@stlucieschools.orgCustodian

Media Arts Course Description and Requirements

Ms. Shaina Feldman serves as the CAST Media Arts instructor. Her students will learn the language of cinema through narrative storytelling, create a synopsis of characters, and develop an original script. Student will serve as crew members on a film set and journey into live action film production with their classmates. They will gain experience in film production as they receive instruction in editing, color, and sound mix in the lab. Family and friends will get to attend the movie premieres for student productions. They will also experience Alternative Realities, including: VR, AR, and MR.

In room 2105, you will learn the language of cinema through narrative storytelling. In Pre-Production, you will create characters, build worlds, and develop your original script. Dive into crewing on set and journey into live action film production. In post-production, you will edit, color, and mix sound. Once you’ve produced your film, dress up and invite family and friends to attend our annual CAST Premiere. Beyond filmmaking, Media Arts students will experience Alternative Realities, including: VR and MR. Media Arts is a place to develop your dreams into creative ideas and make them into reality.

You must be willing to try every job, use technology responsibly, and be respectful of others.

About Ms. Feldman

Screenwriting, Filmmaking, Technology, Virtual Reality, Coding, Creative Thinking

I am a Florida native and studied filmmaking at American University of Paris and Florida State University. I’m a polyglot with a deep passion for space travel and wizardry. I’ve worked in feature film, short films, and VR experiences.

1 Director’s Journal or Notebook
Black and Blue Pens

Annual Fee: $20

“You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it!”  ~Steven Spielberg