Instrumental Music Specialist

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Gavoni, Vincia N.vincia.gavoni@stlucieschools.orgAssistant Principal
Roberts, Arianaariana.roberts@stlucieschools.orgKindergarten
Benton, Rebeccarebecca.benton@stlucieschools.orgKindergarten - STEAM Advocate
Gamez, Mariamaria.Gamez@stlucieschools.org1st Grade
Smith, O'haraOhara.smith@stlucieschools.org1st Grade
Wyatt, Amberamber.wyatt@stlucieschools.org5th Grade
Broderick, Oliviaolivia.broderick@stlucieschools.org5th Grade
Albers, Jilljill.albers@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 6th Science
Denman, Christelchristel.denman@stlucieschools.org4th Grade
Church, Grade
Voke, Lindalinda.voke@stlucieschools.org3rd Grade
Roti, MaryMary.Roti@stlucieschools.org3rd Grade
Simmons, Tionnetionne.simmons@stlucieschools.org2nd Grade
Bell, Sheilasheila.jones-bell@stlucieschools.org2nd Grade
Barnes, Aaronaaron.barnes@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 8th Science
Curtis, Sarahsarah.curtis@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 6th ELA
Kenny, Shelleyshelley.kenny@stlucieschools.org5th Grade
Battle, Tanishatanisha.battle@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 8th ELA
Proctor, Rebeccarebecca.proctor.stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 6th Math
LeBon, Johnjohn.lebon@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 6th Social Studies
Phillips-Hill, Melissamelissa.phillips-hill@stlucieschools.orgESE Student Support Specialist
Helton, Shirleyshirley.helton@stlucieschools.orgESE
Diaz, Feliciafelicia.diaz@stlucieschools.orgInstructional Coach
Rampone, Brittanybrittany.rampone@stlucieschools.orgInterventionist
Johnson, Jamesjames.johnson@stlucieschools.orgInstructional Coach
Kenney, Hannahhannah.kenney@stlucieschools.orgSchool Counselor
Mihajlovski, Virginiavirginia.mihajlovski@stlucieschools.orgSchool Assessment Specialist
Rahming, WallaceWallace.Rahming@stlucieschools.orgMiddle Grades Vocal
Cruz, Jonathanjonathan.cruz@stlucieschools.orgVisual Arts
Swabon, Anneanne.swabon@stlucieschools.orgVisual Arts
Tobias, Stevesteve.tobias@stlucieschools.orgBand
Irwin, Dr. Kathrynkathryn.irwin@stlucieschools.orgElementary Music
Athill, Lillianlillian.athill@stlucieschools.orgMedia Specialist
Grasso, JaimeJaime.Grasso@stlucieschools.orgGraphic Art
Reiher, CharlesCharles.Reiher@stlucieschools.orgMedia Arts
Guess, Chadguess.chad@stlucieschools.orgInstrumental Music
Lynch, Kerrykerry.lynch@stlucieschools.orgElementary Theater
Murphy, Meganmegan.murphy@stlucieschools.orgDance
McFarland, Cathycatheryn.mcfarland@stlucieschools.orgExecutive Secretary/Bookkeeper
Dobrzanski, Jenniferjennifer.dobrzanski@stlucieschools.orgOffice Clerk
Saint-Jacques, Deborahdeborah.saintjacques@stlucieschools.orgData Specialist
Patterson, Merneithermerneither.patterson@stlucieschools.orgClinic
Munoz, Daliadalia.munoz@stlucieschools.orgELL/ESOL
Jerger, Barbarabarbara.jerger@stlucieschools.orgFood Service Assistant
Jones, Belindabelinda.jones@stlucieschools.orgFood Service Assistant
Fitzpatrick, Shakendrashakendra.fitzpatrick@stlucieschools.orgFood Service Assistant
Martin, Paulapaula.martin@stlucieschools.orgFood Service Cook
Rauscher, Danadana.rauscher@stlucieschools.orgFood Service Manager
Johnson, Tommietommie.johnson@stlucieschools.orgMaintenance Plant Manager
McCloud, Millisamilissa.mccloud@stlucieschools.orgMaintenance Worker
Zackery, Elizabethelizabeth.zackery@stlucieschools.orgMaintenance Worker
Payen, Roserose.payen@stlucieschools.orgMaintenance Worker
Faleri, Marisamarisa.faleri@stlucieschools.orgMiddle - 7th ELA
Clancy, Jennyjenny.clancy@stlucieschools.orgFine Arts Specialist
Cruz, Hillaryhillary.cruz@stlucieschools.org7th Gr. - Science
Dayton, Susannasusanna.dayton@stlucieschools.org8th Gr. - Math
Edwards, Jeweljewel.edwards@stlucieschools.org8th Gr. - Social Studies
Lynch, Kerrykerry.lynch@stlucieschools.orgK-5 Drama
Megnauth, Jasonjason.megnauth@stlucieschools.orgPE
Rahming, Wallacewallace.rahming@stlucieschools.orgChorus - Music Theater
Whitehead, Alyssealysse.whitehead@stlucieschools.orgESE
Whitaker, Chasechase.whitaker@stlucieschools.org7th Gr. - Civics
Johnson, Cherisecherise.johnson@stlucieschools.orgESE paraprofessional
Claudio, Karinakarina.claudio@stlucieschools.orgGr. 7th - Math
Reid, Dr. Lori Annelori.reid@stlucieschools.orgPrincipal
Megnauth, JasonJason.Megnauth@stlucieschools.orgHealth/Physical Education

Instrumental Course Description and Requirements 

Students will participate in various piano classes, offered for a variety of skill levels, exposing students to multiple genres of music. Instruction on multiple world instruments allows students to experience music from around the glove, gaining a global perspective of music from other cultures that include Latin, Caribbean, African and more. Students will have the opportunity to perform in various venues throughout the year to show case their talents and skills as both artists and performers.

Level 1 Piano Class (Instrumental Music)
The course is a beginning study of the essential elements of music as they relate to the development of piano performance skills. Musical learning includes reading and notating music, analysis of music, listening skills, sight-reading, appropriate use of musical terminology, and expressive piano performance skills.

In this class, we will learn and understand the layout of notes on the keyboard, both from a musical and theoretical stand point. This will give us the tools to learn to compose our own music, as well as to begin to play and interpret pre-existing music in a variety of styles. We will learn to read music and begin to notate our own music using traditional rhythmic and melodic notation, as well as develop our own musical short hand. We will work on hand and eye co-ordination, playing with two hands, proper form, accuracy and musicianship. Other elements we will study throughout the year include music appreciation, active listening, music history, performance etiquette and African drumming.

Level 2 Piano Class (Instrumental Music)
The course is an intermediate study of the essential elements of music as they relate to the development of piano performance skills. Musical learning includes reading and notating music, analysis of music, listening skills, sight-reading, appropriate use of musical terminology, and expressive piano performance skills.

We will build on all the concepts and skills introduced in level 1 and will introduce more advanced music, concepts, techniques and more.

Class Fee: $40 for the year

Performances: We will participate one night in the CAST Winter Celebration in December, and one night in the CAST Fine Arts Week in the Spring. Those performances will be after school, will be graded and will be mandatory. An alternate assignment will be given if the student is unable to attend.