Ms. Lisa Mobley-Elementary Drama Specialist

Elementary Drama Course Description

Ms. Lisa Mobley shares her amazing talents and skills with her students as she introduces them to the basic aspects of movement, vocal expression, acting and ensemble work. Class activities include improvisation, vocal development, individual and ensemble scene work and projects. Students will learn about performance etiquette on and off stage. Students will learn about basic theatre production (costumes, lighting, makeup, scenery, and sound). Students will participate in playwriting, discovery and analyzation of plays and musicals from the performance aspect. Students will have the opportunity to perform in class productions, on-campus productions, in the Communique Café as well as the Main Stage.

Theatre/drama classes are available for grades Kindergarten through 5th. The course allows students the opportunity to explore their expanding world through the use of imagination and creative dramatics. Exploring the dramatic arts encourages students to express themselves creatively with confidence and builds self-esteem. As students play, move and create together; they continue to develop important life skills such as teamwork, respect, critical thinking and responsibility. Participation in school performances are a course requirement.