Band Specialist

Mr. Sandon Chevlin –

Band Program Description and Requirements

Under the direction of Mr. Sandon Chevlin, the middle school band program provides students with an opportunity to study woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments in the band setting. Multiple band classes are offered at a variety of skill levels from beginning to advanced. Students will experience different styles of music that include classical, jazz, and modern. At CAST, participation in the band program develops a love of, appreciation for, and curiosity about music, while building confidence, imagination and knowledge of musical skills and concepts.

As students continue through the band program, they develop the skills necessary to explore a wide variety of musical styles and genres. All instrumental music students have opportunities to perform for the school and community throughout the year. Students will also have the opportunity to audition for All-State and All-County bands, and participate in FBA Performance Assessments as appropriate.


Band Teaches Me….
To stay positive in stressful situations
To be a team player
To be a leader
To be confident, even when I’m not perfect
To conquer my fears
To not just listen to music, but to experience it

To push myself past my limits to see how far I can go

That hard work pays off!