2023-2024 LPA Summer Reading

2023-2024 LPA Summer Reading

Please see the Summer Reading flyer for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please select the link for the flyer follow by the grade level that you or your child will be in for the upcoming school year.  Then the link will provide the novel and the assignment along with the due date.  If you have any questions, please contact the school.



SummerReadingDoc 2023 ~ Hover over the summer reading doc and grade levels to access the link. The flyer has the links imbedded.



If you have any issues with the attached flyer, the pdf has been linked below for your use.  





LPA 12th Grade IB Hamlet Summer Reading Assignment 2023-2024 (1)


AP Literature and Composition Summer Reading ’23-’24 (1)


LPA 12th Grade Regular-Honors Summer Reading 2023-2024 


LPA 12th Grade Regular-Honors Summer Reading 2023-2024 (1)


LPA 2023-2024 11th AP English Language Summer Reading Assignment


LPA 11th Grade English 3 Honors Summer Reading 


2023-2024 IB English 3 Summer Reading (1)


10th Grade English II Summer Reading 23-24


9th Grade English I Summer Reading 23-24


LPA 8th Grade Summer Reading 2023-2024 (1)


LPA 7th Grade Summer Reading 2023-2024_Updated (2)


LPA 6th Grade Summer Reading 2023-2024 (1)

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